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C Programming

Get the best Online training of C Programming

C Programming Online Course Detail

C Programming offered at The Protec Computer Institute Naval Colony Karachi.


C-Programming is the basic programming course for students who have no prior knowledge of Programming.This course aims to provide basic to advanced concepts of programming, the ProTec provides best training C language.After learning this course student will able to develop software application using C language.
  1. Character Set
  2. Identifier
  3. Variable
  4. Keywords
  5. Escape Sequence Characters
  1. Real Constant
  2. Integer Constant
  3. Character Constant
  4. String Constant
  1. Data Types
  2. Qualifier
  3. Enum
  4. Typedef
  1. Assignment Operator
  2. Arithmetic Operators
  3. Logical Operators
  4. Relational Operators
  5. Switch Case
  6. Nested If-Else
  7. If-Else Statement
  8. If Statement
  9. Operator Precedence and Associativity
  10. Bitwise Operators
  11. Conditional / Ternary Operator
  12. Unary Operators
  13. Shorthand Operators
  1. Looping / Iterative Statements
  2. while
  3. do while
  4. for loop
  5. Break Statement
  6. Go to
  7. Continue Statement
  1. Function call by passing value
  2. Function call by returning value
  3. Function call by passing and returning value
  4. Recursion
  1. Storage Classes
  2. Automatic Storage Class (auto)
  3. Register Storage Class (register)
  4. Static Storage Class (static)
  5. External Storage Class (extern)
  1. Array
  2. Single / One Dimensional Array
  3. Two-Dimensional Array
  1. Structure
  2. Array in Structures
  3. Structure with Array
  4. Difference between array and structure
  1. Pointer Operator and Operations
  2. Changing an Argument with a Function Call
  3. Pointer Arithmetic
  4. String Functions with Pointers
  5. Relationship Between an Array and a Pointer
  6. Two-Dimensional Array of Pointers vs Array of Pointers
  7. Pointers to Pointers
  1. Assert.h
  2. Ctype.h
  3. Math.h
  4. Process.h
  5. String.h
  6. Time.h

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