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Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development Online Course Detail

Mobile Application Development offered at The Protec Computer Institute Naval Colony Karachi.


Mobile Application Development Course is designed to equip the young generation with market oriented Android and IOS development, in this course students will learn how to develop Android and IOS apps the course will start from the basics of programming using Java
  1. Basics of Java
  2. Introduction to Programming Concepts
  3. Introduction to OOP
  1. Introduction to Android Programming
  2. Android Application Frameworks
  3. Building a Simple User Interface
  4. Processes and Threads
  5. Asynchronous Tasks
  6. Internet Resources
  7. App Publishing and Business Models
  1. Getting to know the lab environment
  2. Writing Your First App
  3. An Introduction to Swift
  4. User Interactions
  5. Graphics and Camera

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